Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance

Fire is a cruel and dangerous destructor. Everything that fire can burn when applied is destined to turn to ash. Fire does not spare anything and ruthlessly destroys everything that crosses its path. Because of its unpredictable nature and the multiple reasons that can cause fire makes it really important for everyone to get fire insurance whether owner or renter.


There is no one reason for fires to happen in the home. From electrical, kitchen, natural, to fallen power lines sparking a blazing wildfire, the causes are too many to list here. Just a spark is enough to take down an entire building, the whole block, and even the whole town. So, it is necessity in today’s times to have fire insurance to mitigate the financial risk of potential destruction caused by fire.

Why choose Laurence Taylor Insurance Services for Fire Insurance?

While fire insurance can be really expensive, we can get you covered for a premium that won’t poke a hole in your pocket. Protect your belongings and your property from fire, no matter what the origin, natural or manmade, with Laurence Taylor Insurance Services – Fire Insurance.

What is covered under a typical Fire Insurance Policy?

Fire insurance purchased through Laurence Taylor Insurance Services provides coverage for all minor and major damage caused by fire. From your dwelling, meaning your house and home and personal belongings too (portable or fixed) and equipment, furniture, antiques, artwork, and family heirlooms and more. All that is damaged may not always be replaceable but it can be assigned a dollar value for Actual Cash Value (ACV) or Replacement Cost (RC) insurance purposes. Fire insurance sold by Laurence Taylor Insurance Services can cover you against damage caused by any kind of fire hazard, except Arson which is always excluded.

Is Fire Insurance by Laurence Taylor Insurance Services affordable?

It can be very affordable and sometimes it’s minimum premium. We, at Laurence Taylor Insurance Services strive to provide you the best fire insurance protection at the most affordable premium. Plan to have your valuables covered by fire insurance and get dependable coverage and become worry less about the damage and financial devastation that fire can cause you. Our claims team will handle the claims process to settle your claim faster and get your damage covered as quickly as possible.

Should all businesses have a Fire Insurance Policy?

Yes. Apart from individuals insuring their homes and personal properties, their businesses, not matter big or small should have a fire insurance policy in place to cover against the risk exposures that Fires bring. Nothing is more powerful than fire except the force of flood water. To see current up-to-date wildfires check the US Fire Map click here:

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